Ich weiß nicht genau warum, aber seit einigen Jahren wird mir im Herbst immer ganz warm ums Herz, wenn mich die sonischen Schwaden von Drone-Musik einhüllen. Ein Hauch von Transzendenz wabert durch den Raum und der Bauch resoniert zu meditativ brummenden Bassfrequenzen.

Ein Mix von Less/Than/Zerø/ führt in die Thematik ein und einmal rund durch die Ambient/Noise/Drone-Szene:


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Charmante Albumpromotion: downers. – Ether Noir

Gestern fand ich folgende Promo-Nachricht im Kommentarfeld meiner »Contact Me«-Seite:

»I’m writing you about my upcoming downers. cassette on Persistentmidnight, it’s called „Ether Noir.“ It will come out on January and will be for sale here:«

»I made this downers. release in a different way from previous releases. It’s actually a collaboration on several levels. The downers. project has always been myself and a silent partner (SIMNs), who I met on an internet avant-garde music forum several years back. By and large SIMNs doesn’t credit himself on our downers. records because he tends to act in a more „found sound“ function (he collects different sounds and sends them my way via the internet), and since I’ve always produced and arranged the tracks SIMNs has been able to effectively remain a silent partner.

But, on this recording, we actually did a lot more interchange in the sound manipulation; I sent SIMNs a series of older noise recordings I made while living in Asheville NC and he manipulated them using a series of analog mixers, FX units and buses, then returning them even more mutated. So not only is it a more active collaboration with SIMNs, but a collaboration across time with myself, in a sense. SIMNs prefers to maintain the pseudonym, but agreed to be credited this time.«

»“Ether Noir“ is the product of six months of experimentation, utilizing/mutating 13 years of noise recordings/field samples/electronic noodles to create nine song industrial/techno tracks.«

Und damit ist eigentlich alles gesagt. Der letzte Release von downers. (»Low Informant«) hat mir gut gefallen, weswegen ich über die ungewöhnliche Art der Kontaktaufnahme mal hinwegsehen möchte 😉 …

Artist Bandcamp

»Throbbing synths are smothered in static, guitars are buried in mossy noise and crushed LinnDrum loops heave against each other like tectonic plates, occasionally crumbling away completely – but throughout you can hear traces of the mournful shoegaze and ‘80s pop that bubble under the surface of the new record.«

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Preslav Literary School Live @bei roy [13.07.2011] und @Madame Claude [18.07.2011]

Der analoge Tapedekonstruktivist Adam Thomas aka Preslav Literary School hat ein Live-Konzert im bei roy in Berlin-Neukölln bestritten, zusammen mit Helge Meyer (HH) und Man From Uranus (Cambridge).

Alleine hat der umtriebige Wahlberliner dann noch ein Set bei Madam Claude in X-Berg gespielt. Netterweise hat das Selektive Hören Archiv beide Mitschnitte online gestellt. Drone, Ambient, Noise, Sci-Fi und Found Sound für das decodierfreudige Ohr.

[via selektive-hoeren-archiv.dablweb.com]

Nachtrag: Ich höre gerade, Adam benutzt im ersten Live-Set Material das wir gemeinsam bei unseren Dreharbeiten zu Collage culturel – Episode 4 gefunden haben. Diese Episode wird auf der Collage culturel-DVD enthalten sein die voraussichtlich im Herbst erscheint.

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Preslav Literary School – Veer

On the transmediale 2011 in February, when I stepped out of the Ho Tzu Nyen Special in the Theatersaal, I happened to meet Adam Thomas aka Preslav Literary School during a live performance. After the concert I asked him if he’d like to be part of my Collage culturel series. He seemed to be interested.

Last sunday Preslav Literary School released his new album Veer on Interdisco for free.

Deeply regretting the abscence of a medium sized reefer I listened to his tracks over and over. At a first ‚glance‘ I missed some ‚vocal‘ sounds that would have to give me some geographical, ethnic or cultural orientation within the complex drones. But Preslav Literary School is not to be related in no way to new age or conventional meditation music, though there is definitely some Zen in it.

The track This Good Lesson Keep has some ‚vocals‘ and pops up or submerges or veers out of a chinese lunch box. Next we’re getting some fresh breeze of treading the boards. We’re hearing something that could be considered as Gamelan music and a japanese(?) guy is giving some harsh advices. Are we witnesses of a japanese theater group rehearsing some south-east asian black market scene? Leaving the theater slowly through the back door we’re elevating majestically above some dirty alleys. Last reminiscence to far eastern dystopia is a cookshop with japanese lanterns, providing sinister gazing pedestrians with devilled noodle soup.

Relocating ourselves somewhere between stratos- and ionosphere we are looking at something that could be the geological survey of china. Journey continues drifting round the globe in north-western direction and approaching some cathedral. Gigantic church bells with miles in perimeter and immense organ pipes celebrating a static ordination to the priesthood. Slowly turning from divine to more secular sounds we are shifting from Cage to Brahms. At the end of the track we are just dust on a sunny acre. For the time beeing we’ve found our peace with higher spheres and earthly affairs.

Dirge in Marriage is more like a tron-esque journey on the surface of a harddisc and reminds me of the eternal Selected Ambient Works Volume II by the mighty Aphex Twin, who describes his own music to be ‚like standing in a power station on acid‘. A cold, metallic wind on the polished surface of a silicon wafer, with the ‘spiral galaxies of military systems’ above our heads.

Exut reminds me of the ‚Lady in the Radiator‘-scene in Eraserhead. Somehow three or four divine pop songs, let’s say e.g. Broadcast, Donna Regina, Stereolab, Sea and the Cake or Wunder (Karaoke Kalk) are taking place coinstantaneous. The best part of a pop song processed, filtered, deconstructed and preserved for 5:22 minutes. Part of a series of experiments of how to synthesise the euphoric secrets of Pop. Verweile doch! Du bist so schön!

Veer needs definitely some time, some ‚Brainwave Synchronization‘, but it is worth the effort. With ‚Unto the Voice‘ as a tuning tool you’re prepared for some adventurous audio experience. Check it Out!

Download Veer for Free