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Yumi Karasumaru – Tokyo Stories

Die japanische Künstlerin Yumi Karasumaru stellt ihre Arbeit Tokyo Stories vom 9. Mai bis zum 3. Juli 2009 in der Fabio Paris Art Gallery aus:

Tokyo Stories

„My work is a profound statement of affection for my country, in painting and performance, which also contains anxiety about the future. This comes from the fact that we have seen and at times studied the past: perhaps for this reason I thought I had learned something more from life.“

„This time I have created a variety of geographical and anthropological ‚landscapes‘ based on my own view and sensitivity. For example in the young districts like Shibuya, Harajuku and Akihabara, I have seen thousands of people meeting, falling in love, hating each other, looking at each other, gathering, arguing, an almost 360° encounter of emotions. A kind of spider web.“

„Lately I have become very interested in listening to stories. Stories that weave between the past and the present, stories that are true or false, black or blue. Now I will tell you a story that lies between the public and private spheres, about children and adults. Then I will show you the treasures I have collected from my past until now.“

„‚Tokyo Stories‘ is not just about Tokyo, because in my travels in many places I have met many people who have told me stories – sad, happy, melancholy, moving or unsettling stories. I see all these stories inside the ‚Tokyo Stories‘ landscape, where there are so many experiences, tears and emotions. We think, imagine and feel with all of our hearts.“

Yumi Karasumaru

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