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Guadalquivir – IDFA 2014 Edition

Guadalquivir – an interactive adventure in Andalucía is an interactive docufiction that mashes up exciting game elements, documentary episodes and a thrilling fictional plot.

Travel Europe on a shoestring budget – in an interactive docufiction

A fictional background story slingshots the user in the heart of Andalucía – a region where past and present constantly clash. The user controls the fictional main character Paul – a backpacker despite his own will. In five episodes Paul has to bleed through five spanish towns, accomplish his professional mission and during all this he may find the love of his life.

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Executive Summary:
The docufiction is a composition of tricky gaming elements, documental episodes and a fictional backstory – off the beaten path. The main character Paul is a young trainee in a travel guide company. He receives the job to design a travel route throughout Andalucía and test five luxury hotels for this purpose. The route leads alongside the river Guadalquivir via the renaissance influenced Úbeda, the ancient town Andújar, Córdoba and Sevilla to the coastal town Cádiz. Too bad Paul looses his wallet on the very beginning of his trip. Without passport, money or credit cards he tramps from Granada towards Úbeda. The episodes will be released on a weekly basis and the object of each episode is to enter the luxury hotel if anywise possible. Depending on the amount of hotels the user will “conquer” they’ll experience an alternative ending.

Paul is a twentysomething hipster from Berlin who finds himself in the middle of Andalucía – with a mission he apparently can’t accomplish at all. After he left his wallet in the seat of the plane the first episode begins. Without any money or documents he enters the parking lot of Granada Airport.
The user have many ways to achieve the goal of entering the luxury hotels – and to survive. The way they treat the real-life andalucían people is influencing the story: They can dine in a restaurant and bounce the bill or talk a fellow guest into taking the bill. They can get down with the underdogs to find a backdoor or trying to organize some money. Or they end up on a huge religious procession in the mountains of Andújar. Over and above Paul’s boss begins to put him under pressure and the regaining of the wallet becomes ridiculously difficult. And while the user is bumping into several adventures he gains an intimate knowledge of the gorgeous region of Andalucía that only a backpacker can achieve.

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